What is reverse logistics?

All leased  equipment at the end of their term should be returned back to the leasing company. All digital equipment retains various company data and information which needs to be removed. The copier or printer is uninstalled and transported, damage free, to the leasing companies.

WORLD COPIER has over 15 years of experience in safeguarding the client’s data and information by proper handling of the hard drive. Our expert team will carefully uninstall the equipment, package and transport to any part of Canada. We will provide paramount reverse logistics service at the most economical price. Whether you are returning one or multiple machines, WORLD COPIER has the expertise.

As soon as your equipment arrives at our dock, experienced staff will send an equipment report to the leasing company to terminate your leasing contract with the leaser. Our skilled technicians will then audit and send a condition report to the leasing company in a timely manner. We also offer storage facility for your equipment until the expiry date of the lease and then safely transport to the designated warehouse for a fee.

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